The ARTisans

Building something with your hands and taking pride in that craftsmanship is all we know at SIGMA. When we designed the ART series, we wanted to make the best lenses, without compromise. Every lens is tested and inspected before leaving the factory in Aizu, Japan. After telling our story, we looked to other ARTisans and filmmakers with the same passion for creating. We had them shoot the entire series on SIGMA.

Al Eagleton – Instinct Skis

Al Eagleton is the founder and owner of Instinct Skis in Rossland, B.C. Al didn’t set out to build a ski company. He started teaching woodworking in a local school, but he tends to get carried away.

Got What It Takes To Shoot Your Own ARTisan Story?

Interested in sharing an Artisan story from your corner of Canada? Send us your short film shot on SIGMA, or a proposal with the lenses you need, and we’ll try to help bring it to life.

Hidekazu Tojo – Sushi Chef

Hidekazu Tojo is a sushi chef and owner of Tojo’s Restaurant, based in Vancouver, B.C. Tojo’s is internationally recognized for creating exquisite food served as an art form and is credited as the creator of the California Roll.

Dennis Lin – Large-Scale Art

Dennis creates large-scale art installations for private collectors and public installations through the manipulation of various materials out of his workshop in Kimberley, Ontario.

Kirsty Wells – Tattoo Artist

Kirsty Wells is a Yukon-born artist who has travelled throughout Europe tattooing for the past six years. She now lives in Whitehorse, Yukon, tattooing alongside Dan Bushnell at Molotov & Bricks.

Lars Baggenstos – Sculptor and Illustrator

Lars Baggenstos is a sculptor and illustrator living in Rossland, B.C. With a degree in scientific illustration, Lars has combined his love of the outdoors and training as a wood carver into some incredible projects.

Frank Genovese – Pinball Restoration

Frank Genovese has been collecting and restoring 1970’s-era pinball machines from his home in Fernie, B.C. since 1999.

Don Taylor - Professional Bookbinder from Toronto, Ontario

Don Taylor – Bookbinder

Don Taylor has been a bookbinder in Toronto since 1980. His practice includes book restoration, design bindings, portfolio making and corporate and edition binding for design firms, architects, small presses and private customers.

Meredith Coloma – Coloma Guitars

Vancouver guitar maker Meredith Coloma is recognized as one of the youngest professional guitar builders internationally. She currently runs a successful business handcrafting custom guitars and teaching guitar building at her Vancouver Guitar Building Workshop.

Paull Rodrigue – Glass Blower

Paull Rodrigue began blowing glass in 1996 and continues to operate from his Dundas, Ontario workshop. Creating custom pieces for private collectors and corporate clients, Paull’s work is rich in colour and pushing the boundaries of glass as an art form.

Sarah Sears – Jewelry Designer

Sarah is a young jewelry designer & metalsmith in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her work spans the full spectrum of jewelry, however, she is starting to become better known for recycling ‘old gold’.

Derek Dier – Watch Collector

Derek Dier is one of the world’s leading vintage watch experts. He offers vintage, used and modern watches for sale through his shop in London, ON. Derek is also one of the world’s first internet watch dealers, online since 1998.

Chris Sora – Japanese Pottery, Iaido and Kyudo

Chris Sora is a third generation Japanese-Canadian living in the Niagara region. He has been practicing Japanese pottery for over 25 years, and also enjoys Iaido (the art of the Samuri sword) and Kyudo (the art of the Japanese bow and arrow).

Mike Zinger – Farsik Bags

A photographer and filmmaker in Victoria, B.C., Mike took up sewing to create bicycle bags that worked for him. It quickly evolved into a line of backpacks, bags, and accessories known as Farsik.

Sam Wong - Sparks Will Fly - Artisan Portrait

Mark Puigmarti – Blacksmith

Mark founded Sparks Will Fly in January of 2002, and has been creating custom ironwork projects for private and commercial clients from his home and workshop in Port Perry, Ontario.

AHI – Canadian Folk Singer

Brampton-born songwriter AHI has travelled over 50,000 miles, armed with an acoustic guitar and a voice like “gravel on silk”.  With the release of his debut album We Made It Through The Wreckage on vinyl, AHI recounts the creative process behind the release.

Andrew Dunkerton – Wood Carver

Andrew Dunkerton is a retired carpenter living in who now spends his days carving First Nations-style art. Using hand tools given to him over 30 years ago and drift wood he finds in his hometown of Roberts Creek, B.C., Andrew creates masterpieces from his workshop.

Gabriel Navarro – Soho House Coffee

As the Head of Coffee for Soho House – North America, Gabriel spends 80% of his day thinking about coffee. Beans, brewing, cupping serving, every aspect of the coffee experience.

Steve Himmel – Henderson Brewing

Henderson Brewing company is an award winning, independent, neighbourhood brewery in downtown Toronto. Founded in 2014, Henderson is all about celebrating the stories and culture of our city through the beers they brew.

Mike Truelove in his shop.

Mike Truelove – Bike Welder

Mike has been fabricating bicycles for over 25 years, from custom creations to commercial cruisers. Watch as Mike takes you into his workshop the process behind every fresh bike build.

The Filmmakers

Finished the ARTisan series? Meet the filmmakers who made it all possible.