Hidekazu Tojo – Sushi Chef

The Artisan

Hidekazu Tojo

Hidekazu Tojo is a sushi chef and owner of Tojo’s Restaurant, based in Vancouver, B.C. Tojo’s is internationally recognized for creating exquisite food served as an art form and is credited as the creator of the California Roll.

The Filmmaker

Keane Luong

Keane Luong is a photographer, filmmaker and instructor based in Vancouver, B.C. A graduate at the Art Institute of Vancouver, Keane has gone on to become a co-founder of K2 Media.



Shot on the RED Epic 6K Dragon
Aspect Ratio – 2.37:1
Frame Rates – 24fps – 60fps in 6K


The following SIGMA lenses were used in the creation of this short film.

Sigma 14mm T2 CINE for EF-Mount
Sigma 35mm T1.5 CINE for EF-Mount
Sigma 50mm T1.5 CINE for EF-Mount
Sigma 85mm T1.5 CINE for EF-Mount