The Filmmakers

Meet the Filmmakers

These visual storytellers brought you the Sigma ARTisan series, shot with Sigma ART series lenses.

Mindspark Cinema

Since their start in 2012, Mind Spark Cinema has strived to find innovative ways to tell the stories of leading brands and athletes in action sports, working in some of the most challenging environments around the world.

Penn & Panache

Two filmmakers, ever learning, ever curious.  Behind the camera is where we learn most about others, the world around us, and ourselves; it’s where we love to be, it’s what we love to do.

Artanis Collective Profile

Artanis Collective

Telling good stories about good people. Sam Wong and Aron Goss of Artanis Collective, are lifestyle photographers/videographers hailing from Toronto Ontario.

Art Barn Films

With over ten years of intimate backcountry filming and location knowledge along with a keen eye for detail, Artbarn is at home shooting unsupported backcountry shoots to content for broadcast.

Sigma Artisan - Sean Stiller

Sean Stiller

Sean Stiller is an emerging Canadian-Secwepemc filmmaker currently completing his MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, with a focus on Indigenous and social justice issues in Canada.


Brad Scholl

Brad Scholl is based in Toronto and specializes in action, branded content and documentary films for the web.  As a schooled photographer, Brad applies his extensive photography knowledge and technical background to all projects, big or small.

Brandon Kelly

Brandon Kelly has created a name for himself as a cinematographer for top ski and snowboard athletes and companies.  With a strong focus on commercial and narrative film as of recent he looks to broaden his work and push himself creatively as a film maker.


Alexander Sworik

As a filmmaker based out of London, ON, Alexander Sworik is a cinematographer specializing in primarily commercial spots and mini docs. Having had much success in this area, he has since expanded his area of expertise working on productions for artists, athletes, and beyond.


Frankowski Pictures

Frankowski Pictures is a film production company lead by Derek Frankowski a visual storyteller that’s spent over two decades behind cameras. From the jungles of Madagascar, to ice level at NHL games, his work aims to connect with the audience in new ways.

Alex Chan

Alex Chan is a cinematographer and drone operator born and raised in the Yukon. His career began filming his friends on snowboards, skateboards, and bikes, and has evolved into working on large-scale action sports productions.


Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt is a cinematographer and filmmaker with a discerning eye for visual details and effective storytelling, based out of Collingwood, Ontario. With a recent role earning him a Director of Photography credit on a Hot Doc award-winning documentary, Brian’s technical experience combined with his creative eye make him a sought after resource in the national and international media landscape.