UnVoyageBlanc – Shot on the SIGMA CINE Primes and the RED Monstro

UnVoyageBlanc – Shot on the SIGMA CINE Primes and the RED Monstro

An Excerpt from Massis, Mont Blanc, Monstro, Sigma


“I had used SIGMA Art Lenses for photography. But I’d never used SIGMA lenses for cinematography. I needed these lightweight cine lenses that would cover the 8K. I shot a lot of landscapes with an enormous amount of detail, and I was impressed with how the lenses performed. The flare is interesting when the sun is in the field of view. Mechanically, they functioned very well, and the cold was never a problem. They’re good lenses which are entirely suited to this kind of adventure!”

Read the original article on FDTimes.com: Massis, Mont Blanc, Monstro, Sigma
by Stéphan Massis, AFC. Translation by Lucy Allwood.

Technical specifications for Un Voyage Blanc: 

  • Camera : RED WEAPON 8K VV Camera with MONSTRO Sensor
  • Rentals : RVZ, Samuel Renollet
  • Ratio: 2.40
  • ISO: 800 and a few night shots at 1600 and 3200.
  • Lenses: SIGMA Cine FF High Speed Primes: 20, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135 mm
  • Filters: True ND and 1/8 Classic Soft.
  • I shot most of the time between T4 and 5.6. The night shots are shot at T2.8.
  • Director of Photography: Stéphan Massis, AFC
  • Camera Assistant: Jean Michel Poulichot
  • Location manager and stills photographer: Pascal Tournaire
  • Production: Samuel Renollet, RVZ
  • Data Manager: Marie Guédon, Be4Post
  • Post-Production: Frédéric Savoir & Lucy Allwood, Amazing Digital Studios
  • Editing: Vianney Meurville
  • Alpine guides: Yann Delevaux, Julien Michel, Olivier Pujol
  • Casting: Caroline Tillette, Yann Delevaux