FEARS – A Mountain Bike Film Shot on SIGMA

FEARS – A Mountain Bike Film Shot on SIGMA


Filmmaker Brad Scholl and mountain bike athlete Brayden Barrett-Hay came together for a self-funded passion project titled “FEARS”. If you’ve followed the blog, Brad and Brayden were the team behind our first test shoot with the Sigma CINE High Speed Zooms. The idea of co-directing a project that was solely their own was initially bounced around between the two early January 2017. Construction of the storyline began in late February and was finalized in spring 2017 after many long talks, mood boards, and concepts were discarded. Once pre-production began, Brad knew there was one lens not in his kit that he would need to add an extra element to this film. This led to the use of the Sigma 150-600mm Sport in this film.

This film was shot on the Sony FS700R paired with the Odyssey 7Q+ using an array of Sigma lenses including the 10-20mm, the 70-200mm, & the 150-600mm sport. To achieve the long movement shots, the camera package was mounted to a car via the Rigwheels cloudmount system and the DJI Ronin, while utilizing the 10-20mm due to its overall weight and focal length.

Planning has already begun on another co-directing passion project for the two. For updates on this new project, follow both Brad and Brayden on instagram (@bradschollfilms & @braydenbarretthay).

Full credits for FEARS

FEARS – a short film featuring Brayden Barrett-Hay

Directed by: Brad Scholl – Brayden Barrett-Hay

Director of Photography: Brad Scholl

Cinematography: Brad Scholl – Tim Hutchison

Aerial: Brandon Hardy

Editing: Brad Scholl

Graphic Design: Lauren Lindberg

Sound Design: Keith White

Music: “Barracuda” composed by Luke Atencio (licensing via Musicbed)

Additional Footage Provided by: Swatch Rocketair – Munich Mash

Lens Support from Sigma Canada

Special Thanks: Judy Barrett – Matt Lastowski – Jamie Scholl – Bailey Peckford – Brian Hunt – Austin Derksen, Mike Last