29029 – An Adventure Race Shot on SIGMA CINE and the Panasonic EVA-1

29029 – An Adventure Race Shot on SIGMA CINE and the Panasonic EVA-1

29029 – An Adventure Race Shot on SIGMA CINE


What is 29zero29? Can you climb all of Everest’s 29029 vertical feet in a weekend? Each summit hike is 1.3 miles long and gains 1,750 vertical feet. Participants have 36 hours to complete 17 summits and Karl Janisse was along for the ride with his team at Blackout Media.

Karl worked with the new Panasonic EVA-1 and the full kit of Sigma CINE Prime lenses, from 14mm to 135mm, as well as the 18-35mm T2 zoom. Additional footage was captured on the Sony A7sII and DJI Phantom 4 drone.

“The Sigma Cine primes were incredibly complementary set of lenses to the 29029 story. I’m not a huge fan of using lightweight zooms, even if the conditions call for it. So much of this story lay in the characters that embodies it, and utilizing primes over zooms meant I could use the clean look and beautiful focus falloff of the Sigma Primes. I really appreciated the fact that this was a set that covered all of our cameras. We had a mix of S35 and Full Frame sensors at play for this piece and having one set of lightweight glass enabled us to maintain ubiquity with the visual style of this piece. Whether it was on sticks, handheld or on the gimbal, these lenses were light and easy to manage, which one would think is unheard of for a T1.5 full frame cine-prime when looking at the size of their competition.” – Karl Janisse

Credits for 29029

Production Co. : Blackout Media
Director/Editor: Zach Ramelen
Producers: Karl Janisse and Anna Jane Edmonds
Cinematography: Karl Janiss
Composer: Neil Haverty
Foley Mix: Joshua Hemming
Special thanks to: Marc Hodulich, Jesse Itzler and everyone on the 29029 team.

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